What we do

Since 2016 Bangladesh Dragons ONLY dragon boat team in Bangladesh, which practicing and popularizing dragon boating across Bangladesh and participating international events. You are welcome to join us, do practice with the team and paddle in the water. Its easy and its fun. Bangladesh Dragons participated:

Malaysia, July 27-31, 2017: International Dragon Boat Regatta 2017, Langkawi (27 members team)

China, January 09-15, 2018: 1st World Ice Dragon Boat Championships 2018, Inner Mongolia (19 members team)

Japan, April 05-10, 2018: Cherry Blossom Dragon Boat Festival, Osaka (26 members team)

China, June 15-24, 2018: 2 City International Dragon Boat Festival, Nantong-Guangzhou (28 members team)

China, May 30 - June 16, 2019: 4 City Invitational Dragon Boat Festival, Nantong-Tongren-Zengcheng-Guangzhou (30 members team)

Join with us

Come and join with us, we are open 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm. Do register yourself to become a member of Bangladesh Dragons. Dragon Boating is just not paddling, it also teach you about team member value, you will understand how important is team work and its each member.


Stay with us

We have an in house gym facility which is open 7am to 9pm every day. We do practical practice every Friday and Saturday from 9am to 2pm at Ichamati River in our designated area. In paddling practice is everything. Practice will lead you to become a successful paddler. Stay with us and have fun on paddling.


Awesome Support

You joined with us that means you are our part. We are combination of our members. We do share our experience with each other, our supporting system is awesome. You will never feel outsider. You do not need any experience to become dragon boat paddler. Our coaching teams support will build you.

Preparing for 2022

About us

We are proud to inform you that Bangladesh Dragons the only dragon boat team in Bangladesh who practicing, participating and popularizing dragon boating in the country. We are thankful to our management, paddlers, sponsors, well wishers and international friends for helping us in various aspects.

Our team has participated in 4 City Dragon Boat Festival in 2019 at China, 2 City Dragon Boat Festival in Nantong and Guangzhou, China from 15 June to 24 June, 2018. Our team first participated in Langkawi, Malaysia Dragon Boat event in July 2017 and after that the First World Ice Dragon boat Championships in Inner Mongolia, China in January 2018. Our team also participated the Cherry Blossom Dragon Boat Festival in Osaka, Japan April 2018.

We as paddler of Bangladesh Dragons confident to win peoples heart by our performance and popularize this sport all over the Bangladesh. As member of Bangladesh Dragons organizing team our vision to win world championships in coming years. We have started our journey at 2016 and continuing. We will comeback as soon as COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Paddler Training


Paddler Experiance


International Participation


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Our Portfolio

Bangladesh Dragons formed in 2016. Our first participation in any international dragon boat event started at July 2017 from Langkawi, Malaysia. Bangladesh Dragons has participted events at Langkawi, Malaysia; Inner Mongolia, China; Osaka, Japan; Nantong and Guangzhou of China.

Langkawi, Malaysia

27-31 July 2017

Inner Mongolia, China

09-15 January, 2018

Osaka, Japan

05-10 April 2018

Nantong, China

15-19 June, 2018

Guangzhou, China

20-24 June, 2018


Certificate and Crest

Paddlers Cultural Program

Singing and Dancing


Indoor and Outdoor

The Team

After establishment in 2016 Bangladesh Dragons participated its first international event in July 2017 in Langkawi, Malaysia with 27 members team. Being first time 27 members and international event was not easy thing! But our dedicated team made it happen without any problem.

Md Golam Mostafa

Director, Head Coach

He is energetic and friendly. He himself is a paddler and cheers the team with collecting fund to participate event and continue training.

Amirul Islam


He is very caring and funny. He knows better how to train a newbie. He is swimming coach for 27 years and now with Bangladesh Dragons.

Taufique Elahi

Team Manager

Bangladesh Dragons registered as Training center for the paddlers. He is good to deal with big team, he was Manager of 27, 17 and 24 members.

Kamal Hossain


He is a good paddler therefore he is captain of the Bangladesh Dragons team. He is now well experience. He is energetic and open to learn and share.

Contact Us

You can reach us by email, we are very responsive. You can call us or leave SMS to our phone or you can physically visit us. Use any method to reach us, we value your each and every word. Our office open everyday 09am - 09pm, gym open 07am - 09pm. Practical boat paddling Friday and Saturday at Ichamati River.

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Kha- 46, Progati Saroni, Shahjadpur,

Gulshan- 2, Dhaka- 1212, Bangladesh